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When I Was A Pirate

When I Was A Pirate

Tom Silson

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A thrilling pirate adventure, with a heart-warming message about the importance of family.

When I was a pirate, I woke up to whale song.

A chorus of humpback, beluga and blue.

They waved with their tails, as we sailed along.

Back when I was a pirate, before I met you.

Although these days Grandpa might prefer his rocking chair to climbing the rigging or hoisting the mainsail, he was once a swashbuckling pirate! As he tells his grandchildren tales of his piratical adventures on the high seas, their imagination takes them on an unforgettable journey. Treasure maps and sailing ships come to life in this heart-warming rhyming picture book about the surprising adventures of those you love.

This is not only a story about pirates, but also family bonds and building memories. 

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