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Venus Bowl Lapis

Venus Bowl Lapis

Sage x Clare

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The Venus Bowl is a statement that will bring style to your home. Featuring a sculpted edge it brings a touch of playful and colourful styling. It makes a very stylish fruit bowl, but is beautiful to use on it's own to decorate your living room. Mix and match with the stunning range of resin items from Sage x Clare. Each resin peice is produced and finished by hand, with variations in colour and swirls making every item truly unique.

Measures 29 x 29 x 12cm.

Care: Resin pieces do not like the heat and therefore should be used for cold or room temperature foods and liquids only. They can be cleaned in warm water, but they are not dishwasher safe. These resin products are food safe and adhere to and pass the required testing. If your resin pieces need a little love to regain their shine, you can rub with a cloth and a drop or two of cooking oil.

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