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Tazzie the Turbo Chook Finds Her Feet

Tazzie the Turbo Chook Finds Her Feet

Sonia Strong

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Turbo Chooks, the native hens familiar to Tasmanians, have attitude. Why bother with getting a clearance to fly when you can run at 50km an hour or swim strongly if the need arises? Like other Tasmanians, they are social and given to frank, loud conversations.

In this beautiful children’s book, artist and storyteller Sonia Strong has captured the spirit of the turbo chook in paintings and verse. As well as introducing children to the species, she has woven into the story a conservation message. The villain is a sinister feral cat, a deadly threat to wildlife and particularly to a flightless bird.

The book has a rich cast of characters: a masked owl, sugar gliders, non-turbo chooks and the Robinson kids. You will have to read the story to your children to to find out how the hero, Tazzie the baby turbo chook, bests the wicked cat. 


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