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Hobart Wildflower Honey 325g

Hobart Wildflower Honey 325g

Wellington Apiary

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In the centre of Hobart, bees from selected hives collect nectar from introduced flora such as Lavender and Citrus trees as well as native gums and shrubs to make this honey, which changes slightly each season. The honey produced is deep yellow, with a floral citrus aroma that is the taste of Hobart. This is a classic honey variety which is delicious on buttered toast, drizzled over museli, accompanying a cheese platter and a natural sweetener for tea and cooking.

Wellington Apiary honey is not heated at any stage of extraction or bottling, ensuring all the natural goodness remains. This honey is organically produced, cold extracted and coarse filtered, allowing all the pollen, flavours and aromas to be retained – resulting in pure raw Tasmanian Honey, just as the bees made it.

Please note we cannot send honey products to Western Australia due to strict quarantine restrictions around honey and bee products. 

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