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Things To Do Indoors

Things To Do Indoors

Dawn Isaac

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With 100 activities to inspire and excite when you're stuck inside, there's everything from simple and silly things to distract kids for ten minutes to crafts and experiments that will keep them entertained all afternoon.

"I'm bored" must be the most frightening words in a child's vocabulary, and how to keep kids entertained is something that keeps many of us awake at night. 100 Things to Do Indoors is a collection of games, activities, prompts and projects to keep little and not-so-little ones focused, busy and happy.

From simple and silly things to distract them for ten minutes to crafts and experiments to keep them entertained for an afternoon, there's a boredom buster for everyone. Pick a play prompt strip to give you all the inspiration you need whether you're a parent, a grandparent, a childcare worker or simply the one in charge of a child for a day. Not every activity will suit your day - or their mood - so just turn the stick over or choose another one from the pot.

If you don't know how to make rainbow crayons, a calming jar or bath paints, no problem. There's a handy booklet with all the instructions you'll need for all sorts of projects. Whilst there are plenty of ideas for solo play, there are plenty more things for you to join in with, as well as group activities that will work well for bigger families and parties.

Embrace the indoors and...

  • Get creative with slime, goop and bath bombs.
  • Channel your inner scientist with lava bottles, erupting volcanoes and magic drinks.
  • Make a time capsule, have a Yes day, or build a tape town.

The activities are written with children aged 3-8 years in mind but it's your call as to how much help, support and age-appropriate supervision they might need ... make whatever adjustments are necessary.

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